An Introduction

I’m not much different from your average 20-something or other trying to navigate this big, bad, real world. I graduated from college about a year ago, and with no immediate job lined up, I decided to take a nomadic approach to figuring things out. I trekked through several different states looking for odd jobs and odd things to cross off my bucket list, from shooting rifles in a Houston shooting range to following my favorite band to Portland. (I even had a number of interviews and job rejections, but who’s really counting?)

In late September, I was extremely elated to accept a last minute teaching job in Ulsan, South Korea. I got my visa approved, packed my suitcases, kissed my family goodbye and embarked on a year-long journey to teach English to Korean elementary school kiddies. It was icing on the cake to know I’d be joining my boyfriend, who would also be teaching in South Korea in a different city.

A few months later, just a week shy of Christmas, I was surprised to find out I was about a month pregnant. Merry Christmas!

Let’s flash forward to the present-day. I left South Korea and moved back to sunny California to have the baby (and give her the option of becoming president one day just by privilege of being born on US soil.) While this summer is significantly more chill compared to last (no shooting rifles here) we are patiently…well sometimes impatiently…awaiting the arrival of our little girl. Though parenthood is not typically something people of our age in this modern society decide to tackle, we’ve learned that life [literally] happens, and we are both excited to bring a new little human being into this world to embark on our journey with us.

So here I am, and here’s my blog! This is about my experience as a young (soon-to-be) mommy and the discoveries attached to new parenthood. I’ve had so many wonderful and enriching opportunities in life thus far, and my partner and I firmly believe the birth of this little one will be the start of the biggest adventure life has to offer. Oh, and sometimes I’ll make things and post pictures.

Enjoy! 🙂