DIY Birds and Feathers Baby Mobile

I don’t consider myself to be a huge DIY project enthusiast, but if there’s anything new or dormant that pending motherhood can ignite in me, it’s the joy I find in creating things. A few weeks into my “maternity leave,” I realized that sitting around watching Netflix wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hope. I got antsy, began to browse through Pinterest for things to make, and stumbled upon some great handmade baby mobiles. I thought this would be an excellent place to start my first DIY project as a mom-to-be. I went with a bird and feather theme because it’s pretty gender neutral and I wanted something that looked simple and earthy, yet with a fun twist.

First, I gathered up material from a local craft store. I knew I wanted to make handmade stuffed birds versus buying them so I could pick out the fabrics and practice my hand stitching skills (which I’m sure will come in handy in the near future). The fabric swatches below were about 1 yard x 1 yard, and they were conveniently prepacked and decently priced. It was more than enough for 5 little birdies and then some. These were cotton, but from what I’ve seen online, felt fabric works exceptionally well for handstitched stuffed animals.

I picked out a ready-made branch wreath – they come in many sizes, and I figured it was easier to buy one for a couple bucks versus searching around for branches (which did sound like fun, but I opted not to because who knows how long it would’ve taken). I also purchased some twine and picked out some complementary thread colors for the birds. 

The birds required a pattern that I found online. There are tons of different birdy patterns out there, I just picked one that was fairly easy for a beginner like myself. I drew the pattern out on parchment paper so I could pin them to the fabric, cut them out, and reuse them with little damage.

After stitching up and stuffing 5 birds (because 4 is an unlucky number, according to my superstitious mother) I threaded twine through them and attached them an equal distance apart to the branch wreath. I also stranded 3 feathers through some twine and let that hang in the center to add a different texture to the mobile. Here’s the final product

It took a couple of afternoons while binge-watching all of Arrested Development on Netflix. Let’s hope Baby Jo enjoys the mobile mom made for her!