Becoming a Parent Changes Your Life

A baby can impose drastic changes to even the simplest parts of every day life, at least in the very beginning. For instance, I’m learning how to type faster with one hand since I’ve got a napping baby in the other. While some of the changes may be temporary (people tell me that one day I’ll be able to sleep again, here’s to hoping…) having a baby has taught me to appreciate the smaller luxuries of life. Things get easier in time, partially because we get used to things, but here are some examples of the changes I’ve experienced:

Two A.M. used to be bedtime after watching 5 episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Now, the only reason to be up at 2 a.m. is to change and feed a baby, hoping and praying that getting them back to sleep will take less than 30 minutes. If my partner and I are not in bed by 8pm while the baby has called it quits, we get antsy because that means less sleep for us. 

Going out
Timing outings is crucial. I used to roll out whenever I felt like it, but with a baby, I intentionally start getting ready 2 hours before the desirable time of departure. To prepare leaving the house, we have to change her, feed her, get myself ready, wait for my partner to get ready, change her again, feed her again, and then we can get out the door. Oh, and don’t forget the diaper bag!

Let’s just say, I’m extremely lucky to have been able to shower almost every day since little Jo has been born. Some mothers are not so fortunate.

Conversations with baby usually sound like this:  
“Meeeeww, gaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaeeeooooooh, MA!”

Conversations with my partner sound like this: 
Me: “How’s her diaper?”
Him: “Ohhhh, it’s a big one! Want to see?”
Me: “Wow, it’s got chunks and everything! Good girl!” 

Conversations with other adults sound like this: 
Other person: “How are you?”
Me: “Pretty good, I got almost 5 hours of straight sleep last night.” 

Tolerance for gross things
Poop on my hand? No problem, just wash it right off. A little spit-up on my shirt? Well as long as it’s not chunky, I don’t really have to change it. Pee? It’ll dry off before anyone notices.

I didn’t know I could give a single person so many kisses in one day, but who can resist laying wet ones on a baby’s scrumptious cheeks? Even though many things have changed in ways that make life a little less comfortable, it’s all worth it when you can share your love and kisses with a little one.