The "Short and Sweet" 2013 Wrap Up

I entered 2013 knowing it was going to be the most transformative year of my young life. Chris and I had to put our wanderlust shoes aside for the time being and focus on the new life we’d be ushering into this crazy world. As difficult as it was for me, resigning from my teaching position in South Korea and moving back home was actually the easy part. The hard part would come in a 6 lb, 14 oz package attached to an umbilical cord on the evening of August 15.

Nothing anyone can tell you can truly prepare you for the challenges parenthood will bring. I thought I knew about the sleep deprivation and the crying and the never having time for anything, but once I was in the midst of things, I felt a little insane
. Still kind of do. By the same token, no one can truly describe to you the deep sense of fulfillment and joy that comes with making your baby giggle for the first time. My heart never melted the way it did when Jo laughed at my peek-a-boo attempts.

Enter 2014 – our lives are quite different, and will keep changing as our 4-month-old grows out of infancy and becomes a toddler, then a kid, then a teenager (Lord, be with us…) and so on. I am confident that one day, maybe soon, we’ll get to dust off our wanderlust shoes and put them on again – 
this time with a smaller pair for the little one.

Here’s to 2014, more blog posts and adventures ~ Cheers!

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