Like Father, Like Daughter Pt. 1

Hats, Pacifiers, props, beards – doesn’t matter what it is, Chris will go out of his way to find it (or grow it) for what he thinks is the perfect picture with Jojo. In her 5 months of life, we’ve managed to collect a series of photos that reflect Chris’s goofy nature and Jojo’s infant ignorant bliss. (Who knows what she’ll think 16 years from now.) We’re admittedly those parents who chronically take pictures of their baby doing things like suck their toes and post it. Some people actually like it, and those people have given Chris a shameless photo taking hobby.

I’ve asked Chris to share the best of the best and even title them, so here’s what we’ve come up with:

Baby Moose
Father With Baby at Hip (taken on UCLA’s campus)
Keep The Mustache Fashionable
Santa and His Elf

You can be rest assured that these pictures will not cease. To get a real time update of Chris’s fatherly photo shenanigans, follow him on Instagram at handle @jo__daddy, and/or me at @getlo_ree. Thanks for humoring us, until the next batch of photos!

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