6 Months

Aaaaand…we’re here! Half a year suddenly flashed before our eyes in what felt like a millisecond and an eternity all at the same time.

Josephine Ella, the babe who steals our hearts every single time she smiles, laughs, and even when she passes gas. At 14 lbs, 12 oz and a whopping 25 inches, she’s a petite little thing just like her parents. Still no sign of teeth, but I swear some days she’s got the irritability of a child cutting four teeth at once. Undoubtedly a morning person, she babbles up a storm in utter excitement before the sun even rises. She wants everything in her mouth all at once. Her favorites include cold granite countertops, tissue paper, fingers, yoga mat, and mommy’s blanket. The only thing guaranteed to calm her down on her worst days is being in mommy’s arms. She sleeps soundly at night tucked in between mommy and daddy, and dreads the day when we decide it’s time for her to sleep in her crib. Solid foods and sitting up are the next big steps. She hates putting clothes on, being alone, and long car rides. She loves being outdoors, belly raspberries from daddy, and cuddling to sleep. Sweet and gentle, needy and stubborn. That’s our girl, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. Chris and I also get an adequate amount of sleep most nights. Progress, hooray! 🙂

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