Free LA: Playa del Rey Beach

Okay, I know I’ve been open about how much I love the Bay Area more than Los Angeles, but let’s not kid ourselves, SoCal beaches are pretty nice. The fifteen minutes it takes to drive over to a beach here in LA trumps the hour or two through windy roads it usually takes to get to Stinson in the Bay (which is still tremendously beautiful).

I used to wait for a sweltering hot day in July or August to drive out to Stinson beach with my body board in tow to catch a few waves. Even then, the water’s stabbing cold temperature crept up on me like pins and needles, but I knew it wouldn’t get any warmer and I just had to dive in. Here, I’ve been to the beaches numerous times in the middle of January “winter” and I have nothing to complain about. The water is still a little chilly, but to be able to enjoy the beach in a tank top and shorts before spring is more than I can really ask for when I have friends across the country enduring a polar vortex.

So here’s to another FREE activity, going to the beach. My personal favorite is Playa Del Rey, a relatively secluded beach with beautiful homes nestled against the shore. There’s free street parking and cheap lot parking nearby, and a wide bike and foot path if you want to soak up the sun and sea smells without enduring the sand between your toes.

I’ve taken Jojo here a few times, but this past weekend was the first time she ventured into the sand. Chris let the water creep on her toes, and she was quite shocked at the chilly sensation she’s never experienced before. She wasn’t exactly happy. One day she’ll come to realize the endless fun that ensues when water and sand collaborate to make castles. Until then, we’re going to have to keep acquainting her with the numerous beaches Socal has to offer.

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