We made it through the first year!

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for the fascinating and tumultuous first year of parenting. It’s a twilight zone of bliss and exhaustion, a time paradox of long days and fast years, a balancing act of efficiency and predicting the unpredictable.

But lo and behold, we made it! Josephine’s incessant crying gave way to playful growls, and the time we spent worrying about her motor development due to her disdain for tummy time proved to be futile when she took her first steps at a mere 10 months old.

 What a privilege to care for and watch a human being develop at such a rapid pace. I’m simply astonished at how her personality is shaping, apart from my influence. Between her infatuation with Elmo and water cups, her generosity with kisses and waves, and her insistence when it comes to marching up and down stairs despite her tiny little legs, I know my days are just going to get busier. And more fun.

 And with one year of parenthood under our belts, I think it’s safe to say that we are terrified of what toddlerhood brings. But that’s absolutely normal. I don’t think parenting gets any easier, but I do think parents get better at what they do. 

Cheers to another year! 

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