Our First Summer in Los Angeles w/ Photos (for Free!)

It’s a bit odd, saying goodbye to summer but not really saying goodbye to the hot weather or luminous sunlight. There are some downsides to the end of summer, like how the days are shorter and the evenings are cooler (oh, you know, like 72 degrees F). We had a beautiful summer that, frankly, went by way too fast. Though, I couldn’t have asked for a better first summer to have spent with my new family. Especially because *gasp* a lot of the things we did were FREE. In short, here was our summer:

We visited Manhattan Beach a few times, and enjoyed a stroll down the pier to the FREE aquarium and poked at some starfish.















We went to the California Science Center, which is FREE everyday aside from a $10 parking fee. For smaller tots, there are rooms with age appropriate activities, like this neat puppet set that got Josephine so excited she could burst. Right outside is the the Exposition Rose Garden, open to the public and free to roam for those who don’t suffer from seasonal allergies. 











Of course, Jazz at LACMA is one of our favorite events! Picture this: adults drinking wine on their picnic blankets strewn across the lawn, dogs of all kinds parading like it’s a Pedigree dog show, children running in circles, and marvelous jazz musicians playing against the silhouette of the Urban Light installation. We had a blast one evening dancing next to the featured band with a woman who was 102 years old! Yes, it’s FREE.














Hiking along the trails of Griffith Observatory proved to be a blast, especially for Josephine, who got to hang out on daddy’s back the entire time. And hiking, as we know, is (let’s say it together now) : FREE!








I’ve got to say, when you have a small family with little money to spare but want to make the most of your time together seeking adventure, Los Angeles makes it possible. Summer is officially over, but fall and winter will offer its own set of FREE, enjoyable activities. I’m looking at you, pumpkin patches and Santa Clauses! 

What do you do for FREE? 

3 thoughts on “Our First Summer in Los Angeles w/ Photos (for Free!)

  1. That's what I love about living in these awesome metropolis areas, there's such an array of amazing things to do for the free! I had a great time hanging out with you and Jo today, hope to do it again soon :]


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