3 Years Later

Some of you are already familiar with the Cinderella Story, but just to revisit history, it started when we met in the Netherlands while studying abroad our senior year of college. We liked each other, Chris asked me to go steady with him under the sparkly Eiffel Tower exactly three years ago, and somewhere between then and now, we made a baby in South Korea.


This has HANDS DOWN been the most adventurous three years of my young life. We’ve trekked through Europe and Asia together, made a (very exuberant) human being, and moved to Los Angeles where the adventures keep on coming. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding. I’ve learned that sometimes patience and kindness don’t come easy, and that sometimes spending time with your significant other means putting your head on his shoulder while he watches your rival team play basketball. I’ve learned that communication and compromise is key, and that rock, paper, scissors (2 out of 3) is the best way to figure out what you’re going to eat for dinner or who changes the next poopie diaper. I learned that while honesty may hurt, it’s important to be transparent, especially in the case of body odor.


Happy 3 year anniversary to my biggest adventure buddy, my baby daddy, and the only Dodgers & Lakers fan that I will love. You complete me us.


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