19 Months

She’s a California girl with an undeniable love for snowmen despite having never seen snow.

She never walks. She runs. If she could, she would take off sprinting toward the sun, her bare feet making shallow imprints on the warm grainy sands. Her petite frame houses a dynamite personality that bursts in volumes that can be heard across a crowded room. Exuberant, to say the least, she lights up every time a stranger walks into the room, demanding their attention so she can put a smile on their face. She is assertive, asking for “more” and telling us “no” as she pleases. When happiness overtakes her, she tries to hide it by pursing her lips to conceal an unquestionable grin. She likes to sit at the sink and stick her toes under the cold running water, carefully examining where each drop lands. She’s endlessly curious about how things sound; from the sirens of an ambulance to the gobbling of a turkey, she echoes the noises of the world as if they all played crucial roles in an orchestral masterpiece. She has an insatiable desire to try on every single pair of shoes that appears in her line of sight.

Our Josephine, to think how terrified we were at the thought of her coming so soon into our lives. To know how lost we would be without her now.

Josephine 19 months

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