When you accidentally lock your baby in the car…

I’m not gonna say whether or not this happened. But let’s just say if it did, it was a complete and utter accident, never in my life would I have thought that this could¬†happen to me and I would do anything in my power so that it never happens again. Lo and behold…


Key Holder
Image Source: Magnetic Key- Holder, amazon.com

Place a spare key in this magnetic key holder and hide it somewhere underneath your car, an accessible location only you would know. It costs less than $5 and will save you an afternoon worth of stress.

That way, in the event that you lock yourself out of the car, with all your precious belongings inside (*cough*including your own offspring*cough*), you know how to get back in without calling AAA or panicking and breaking the window open with a gigantic rock.

Again, I’m not saying this actually happened.

Any other life hacks you know about? 

2 thoughts on “When you accidentally lock your baby in the car…

  1. Holy mother of stress (if the theoretical situation were to take place of course). I’m waiting for the day mummy brain causes me to drive home and realize I left him at the doughnut shop like that one lady.

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