25, A Quarter Century Reflection

I turned 25 last week. I expected myself to have a set of words that I was eager to share here… Something something enlightening something or other. Yet, between the dizzying mornings of entertaining a toddler and meandering through Los Angeles, the afternoons are beginning to weigh down on me and once the evening rolls around and I’m able to get a reprieve, I just want to sit. I want to sit and bask in silence and shed all the worries of motherly expectations and simply be.

So instead of a wordy reflection, I bring you a series of portraits. I usually abhor taking selfies; if you ever see my Instagram account it’s mostly Josephine, food, and sometimes Chris — the people and things I endear so much in this world. Rarely do I feel comfortable posting a picture of myself (minus a beverage). I think the discomfort of seeing my own image stems from knowing that I often neglect caring for myself. If I’m being honest, I feel like the most striking feature I wear are the bags underneath my eyes.

I’m realizing more as a mother that caring for myself is becoming increasingly crucial as the demands of others take precedent in my life. I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, that taking intentional and meaningful time for myself is essential to be able to love and care for my small family to the best of my ability.

In a personal exercise of self-love, awareness, and growth, I decided to set up my camera on self timer over the changing table and take advantage of the subtle morning light that pours into the bedroom every morning.

So here’s me at my quarter century best. No makeup, bedhead, tired bones, and a smile with my little sidekick. I want to remember this next year as being somewhat restful. I want to care for myself more and rest my muscles so I can take us all further.
Solo 1
Joj and mommy 2 Jojo and mommy 1 Jojo and mommy 3 Jojo 25

Thanks for all the greetings and for celebrating with me. Cheers to another year!


5 thoughts on “25, A Quarter Century Reflection

  1. You are beautiful! I’ve tried to write a reflection for every birthday since I turned 18, but now that I think about it, I totally spaced for last my birthday. Maybe I can write a 23 1/2 reflection 🙂 I look forward to reading more! -Kelsey


    1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for the wonderful comment. It’s never too late to write a reflection; I try to write monthly ones for my daughter too, that tends to be more frequent haha. 🙂


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