The Things I Appreciate About My Mother Now That I’m a Mother

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

You never really understand the weight of motherhood until you live it yourself. It’s thousands of little things and millions of big things that make up the love of a mom, and it’s never ending. I was thankful for my mom and all she did long before my own motherhood. Yet when I became a mother less than 2 years ago, I suddenly relived all the quiet moments and sweeping gestures that occurred between me and my mother through her eyes and saw her love in its entirety. I understood the way she cared for us with her whole being and found a deeper admiration for everything she ever did and continues to do.

I appreciate the way she stroked my hair to lull me to sleep, staving off childhood nightmares as I snuggled close to her.

I appreciate that on her days off, I’d awake to the smell of scrambled eggs and the sound of rice crackling in the wok to find that she made us a homemade breakfast instead of sleeping in.

I appreciate how she’d rush home from work to change out of her scrubs and drive me to piano lessons or drama rehearsal or take me shopping because she knew it was important to me.

I appreciate how she would help me finish the dishes after dinner, rubbing her elbows with mine while she rinsed and I scrubbed just so we’d have an extra minute to talk before I rushed off to study.

I appreciate that she always expected the best from me, whether it be excellent grades or stellar performances, because she pushed me to exceed the limits I set for myself.

I appreciate when she expresses her relentless faith in my ability when I am failing my classes, unemployed and job-searching, or just plagued by self-doubt.

I appreciate how she told me I was doing a good job in my first month of motherhood after I broke down in tears over my colicky baby who refused to breastfeed despite doctor’s visits and numerous ointments.

I appreciate how she’ll happily take my early riser child out of my bed to give me an extra hour or two when I visit so I can get a rare chance to sleep in.

I appreciate that she shoves forever stamps into my bag whenever I see her because she knows I always forget to buy stamps for myself.

I appreciate that she always returns my calls and answers my ridiculous questions, like what types of antibiotic creams work best for what wounds and whether or not I need stitches.

I appreciate my mother for always being my mom, for knowing me inside and out, and for generously stretching that inexhaustible love to my own daughter.

Love your mom and mom’s mom today and everyday because of the countless big and little things they do for you. Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “The Things I Appreciate About My Mother Now That I’m a Mother

  1. I love this! It’s amazing what you can see once you become a mother. I remember when my little one was a newborn, my mom said to me: “Now you know the infinite love of a mother.” Your mom sounds like an amazing lady!

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  2. Aw, this is lovely. I didn’t get how much my parents did/do until I had a tot either. Shame I couldn’t have come to the realization during my rebellious teenage years. They also had me aged 21. I am struggling now at almost 30 so I don’t know how they managed. Last week I had a weird rash and had to talk myself out of skypeing my mum to get her opinion. Will I ever feel like a grown up??

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    1. Skyping my mom would be the first that I’d do (It also helps my parents are both nurses) !! I’ve come to the conclusion I will never really be a “grown up,” I still feel like I’m pretending I’m in my mommy’s heels and playing with her makeup.


      1. Haha, me too…if I ever wore heels. Yes, my mum has nothing to do with the medical profession, other than her role as ‘mum’ aka amateur MD ๐Ÿ˜€

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