21 Months

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I always knew children grew fast. I just never knew how fast until I had my own child blossoming every which way before my eyes. Lately I’ve been scurrying to find the words to describe Josephine’s developmental leaps and bounds before I forget. And that’s exactly it — words, so many words. Her constant chattering and singing is captivating; my parents and older siblings tell me she’s every ounce of gab and song as I was at her age. It’s as if she sees the words stringing out of everyone’s mouths, and she catches them and stores them in her memory without hesitation.

She says, “Mommy fix it!” “Mommy, help!” “Mommy, read it!” and “What are you doing?” every morning before I can pour coffee into my mug.

Her memory is pin sharp, admittedly sharper than my own at times. She’ll recount recent events with great detail, such as the time that “Jojo went to Disney store. Jojo want Elsa doll. Jojo stop crying. Auntie Erin buy it!”; or when she went to “Elmo beach. Jojo saw a big Elmo. Lots of people there.” (And yes, there was indeed a tall man dressed in a bright red Elmo costume at the beach.)

Even her ability to express her emotions through words takes me by surprise. Just the other night, she squealed halfway through dinner and began to cry unexpectedly. After shedding a few tears, she meekly confessed, “Jojo saw bug. Jojo got scared.” I am afraid she gets that from me.

I see many verbal compromising sessions in our future. As she grows, I grow too — hopefully a very strong backbone. Happy 21 months to us.


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